Tired of hair loss or not having a hairstyle?

Get the perfect hairline with a HeadStyle. 100% guaranteed with our SMP treatment that is individually designed for you. Don’t look bald – look styled with a HeadStyle.

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What is Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)?

Scalp Micropigmentation is probably the world’s fastest-growing hair loss solution. SMP  is a cosmetic pigmentation treatment that uses micro-needles to deposit pigment into the dermal layer of the skin/scalp. The pigment perfectly bends with any remaining hair creating the appearance of tiny hair follicles that replicates short hair stubble.

If you are starting to thin, recede, or completely bald, we can recreate your hairline and give you the look of a short hairstyle or what we like to call a HeadStyle.


HeadStyle is a styling alternative to a hairstyle. It’s the modern solution for bald hair, redesigning hair loss by providing an innovative styling choice.
A HeadStyle is created by Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP, a cosmetic pigmentation treatment that can permanently camouflage the scalp to replicate the look of natural micro hairs.
This is totally possible and often happens. Generally, with just one quick session of laser the original HeadStyle can be completely removed or redesigned.
HeadStyle SMP was the brainchild of our founder Ian Watson who invented SMP over 17 years ago meaning you are in the safest and most talented pair of hands in the world.


Our pricing is based on the level of hair loss, which is different for each client. Typically, the price ranges between £1,000 – £3,000. We recommend setting up a free consultation so our HeadStylists can assess your situation and provide a personalised quotation based on your hair loss needs.

Scalp Micropigmentation is an effective hair loss solution because of its consistent, natural and undetectable results. HeadStyle prides itself on the ability to seamlessly replicate each individual hair follicle to create a perfect match for each client.

Scalp Micropigmentation should never be considered a one treatment session process. Most clients can expect between 2-4 sessions to complete their treatment depending on the extent of hair loss or scarring. These treatments are generally spaced about 7 days apart.

The Scalp Micropigmentation treatment typically takes 2-3 hours per session depending on your degree of hair loss. Most clients can expect between 2-4 sessions to complete their treatment depending on the extent of hair loss or scarring. These treatments are usually spaced about 7 days apart.

After completion of your treatment (2-4 sessions) a client should expect the strength of the color to last for many years. Over a longer term, a client will very gradually begin to notice slight lightening (not discolor) of the treatment. When this occurs they can undergo a brief ‘touch up’ session to restore any fading and to strengthen the look of their HeadStyle for many more years.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a minimally invasive technique that requires no down time. In most cases, you will not need to take any extended time away from work. After treatment it is common to notice slight redness on the scalp for 1-3 days post session. This redness quickly subsides and most clients return to work either right away or within a couple days. Clients are also allowed to wear hats should they feel the need.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a form of permanent cosmetics. Often referred to as a cosmetic hair or scalp tattoo, this treatment typically lasts 4-5 years. After that time, a client may experience some slight fading. This cosmetic solution will not wash off but can be tweaked as years go on. We always recommend meeting with our team of experienced expert HeadStylists to discuss your treatment and style options.

If you are unsure of what style or type of hairline will work for you, your HeadStylist will be there to help. With artistic experience and an eye for detail to recreate natural hairlines to clients head shape and age, your HeadStylist will help recommend what’s best. Over the course of your sessions you can also tweak and adjust your hairline for a perfect result.

No. Scalp Micropigmentation is a form of permanent cosmetics, but unlike tattoo ink, the HeadStyle pigment is designed to fall within the same color spectrum of short cut hair. The pigment contains no additional colorants or additives and will only lighten, not discolor over an extended period of time.

Scalp Micropigmentation also utilises different equipment than traditional tattooing, ensuring the needle and machine are designed specifically for micropigmentation of the scalp.

Depending upon the pattern of your hair loss and extent of thinning hair, some clients are able to maintain a longer length of hair. Scalp Micropigmentation can give an illusion of thicker hair by reducing the contrast of thin hair and scalp colour showing through. However, if there is a strong pattern of hair loss or just not a lot of hair density, the client is recommended to cut their remaining hair shorter.

Yes, clients with grey hair can still benefit from the Scalp Micropigmentation procedure. First, most clients are recommended to cut their hair to a short buzzed length. When this is done, grey hair does not appear as grey because the hair root itself is darker. Hair only shows grey as it gets to a particular length. At HeadStyle we use a grey-scale pigment that can be adjusted to blend with lighter hair tones.

Yes, by replicating tiny hair follicles inside the scar and blending the colour around the scar area, transplant and surgical scars can be successfully camouflaged.

Yes, we are able to perfectly match the shade of our pigment to a wide range of skin tones and hair colours. Whether you are Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic, Asian, or Pacific Islander etc, Scalp Micropigmentation will work for you.

We recommend no heavy sweating or intense exercise for 3-7 days after post Scalp Micropigmentation treatment.

For most clients, the pain is relatively minimal and it’s less painful than a traditional tattoo. After your session, you won’t experience any further discomfort.

Scalp Micropigmentation is used to add density to thinning areas to add thickness to areas like the crown, hair partings and hairlines.

The equipment used for SMP is similar to that of other cosmetic micropigmentation equipment. The SMP process and equipment is totally different to standard tattooing procedures and the technique is different as the pigment deposits are delicately placed at the appropriate depth within the skin.

We recommend 3-7 days following your Scalp Micropigmentation session.

Yes, you can wear a hat immediately after your Scalp Micropigmentation treatment is complete.

Yes, but we recommend you try to avoid chlorinated pools, saunas, steam rooms, and tanning beds for 30 days post your final Scalp Micropigmentation session.

There are three main differences between Scalp Micropigmentation and tattooing:

1. The depth of pigment deposit into the skin. SMP goes into a shallower depth, generally about 2mm into the upper dermis.

2. SMP creates small micro points / dots through a pointillism method, there is no outlining or shading.

3. SMP pigment is different to regular tattoo ink and is more diluted. For these reasons, SMP results won’t break down to different colours or look blurred once healed.

No, Scalp Micropigmentation treatment will not grow your hair back. SMP treatment will give you the look of short hair style. We recommend you keep your hair short to create the most natural result.


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It’s all on the head

A work of art using a creative process to recreate the most realistic 3D look of micro hairs on the scalp – the best a head can get!


It’s all on the head

A work of art using a creative process to recreate the most realistic 3D look of micro hairs on the scalp – the best a head can get!