Let’s face it, none of us is getting any younger, and for the vast majority of us this year has taken a particular toll. And with chronic stress in abundance, this can lead to signs of premature ageing.

Luckily, there’s no longer any shame attached to men taking a bit of care over their appearance. But with redundancies at an all-time high, now might not be the time to suddenly develop a £200-a-month Botox habit.

Looking younger doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. There are plenty of things you can do to help maintain a youthful appearance. So here, we look at our four top tips for men to look younger, without maxing out the credit card.

1. Up your skincare regime

Again, you don’t have to be spending hundreds of pounds on products. Just do your research and find out which brands give you the most bang for your buck. And if you haven’t been following a skincare routine up to now, then anything is better than nothing. Even moisturising your face twice a day will make a noticeable difference.

2. Get some exercise

Sounds like a no-brainer, but don’t underestimate the power of regular exercise to keep you looking and feeling younger. All those endorphins will pep you up and put a youthful spring in your step in the short term. And in the longer term you’ll be leaner, fitter and stronger.

3. Change your hairstyle

If you’re starting to feel a bit past your prime, you’d be amazed what a difference a good haircut can make. Women have been in on this secret for years. But it’s only recently that men have discovered the anti-ageing properties of a decent hair style. Find out who is the best local barber or hairdresser, and ask them to advise on the best haircut to shave a few years off.

4. Consider scalp micropigmentation

Now there’s a strong chance that many of you will have read number three and thought it didn’t apply to you, because male-pattern hair loss has already taken hold. Sadly, accelerated hair loss is another side effect of stress, so you may have noticed your hairline receding faster than ever this year.

Fortunately for you, there is a solution out there that allows you to change up your hairstyle and do something about your hair loss in one fell swoop. It’s called scalp micropigmentation, or SMP, and it’s a very clever technique that allows you to rock a buzz cut without alerting the world to your bald patches.

Similar to cosmetic tattooing, SMP involves the injection of pigment into the scalp, to mimic the effect of real hairs. You can choose to keep your head shaved for the buzz cut look (recommended if the hairline is your issue) or let it grow back and use SMP to disguise any thinning areas.

Now while SMP isn’t exactly cheap, it is a permanent solution, three treatments max and you are set. Why not phone Headstyle on 07968 230787 or book a consultation by completing our contact form.

If you are experiencing thinning hair, you’re not alone. Statistics show that around 40% of men experience some degree of hair loss by the age of 35. Which is barely even middle aged. Depressing, eh?

Luckily though, we’ve come up with a few tips to help you thicken that thinning hair. So you can rest easy knowing you’ve put off having to seek treatment for a few more years.

1. Stop smoking

Seriously, is there anything smoking doesn’t make worse? If you hadn’t already stopped because of fears about lung damage, premature ageing or cancer, then here’s another reason. Smoking contributes to hair loss.

The chemicals inhaled whilst smoking have been shown to damage the DNA of the hair follicle, which causes inflammation and scarring. It can eventually lead to male-pattern baldness.

2. Make sure you’re eating the right foods

Hair loss isn’t always linked to nutrient deficiency. But to ensure that your hair is as healthy as possible, include iron, zinc and healthy fats in your diet.

Leafy greens, avocado, eggs, fish, nuts and seeds are all great for maintaining hair health, so pack them into your meals if you want thicker, stronger locks.

3. De-stress your life

Like smoking, stress has a lot to answer for. It affects your skin, your weight and your mental health, but can also cause hair loss.

So if there are things in your life that you know are causing you unnecessary stress, try to cut them out. And if you can’t get rid of the stressors themselves, then try to find ways to unwind. Exercise, meditation or even just regular catch ups with good friends can all be great stress reducers.

4. Wash your hair less frequently

Many of us automatically wash our hair every time we step into the shower. But we’re not giving our scalps a chance to replenish the oils our hair needs to stay healthy. Every time you shampoo, those oils get stripped from your hair, and they need at least a couple of days to build back up.

Consider conditioning your hair after shampooing too. Shampooing less and conditioning more will leave hair healthier and less prone to breaking, which can lead to hair loss.

5. Style gently

With male grooming on the rise, most of us aren’t afraid to add a bit of style to our hair. But when you do, try to go gentle. Don’t tug too hard when trying to shape it. If you blow dry it, do so on a cooler setting and hold the dryer away from the head.

You might also want to consider a different style if you’re starting to notice your hair thinning. A good barber or hairdresser should be able to offer some tips on the best style for you.

These tips are designed to help those of you with just a little thinning on top. If your hair loss is a bit more advanced, you might need to consider something more drastic, like hair loss medications, Scalp Micropigmentation or even a hair transplant. If that sounds like you, the best first step is to get in touch with a hair loss expert and work out the best option for you.

If there’s been one positive thing to come out of this pandemic, it’s got to be the normalisation of male grooming. In these days of Zoom conferencing and homemade music videos, the male beauty market has never been stronger.

We’ve seen increased interest in men’s cosmetics, not to mention the lockdown buzzcut. Now we’re going to talk about something even more unexpected – the rise of the man perm.

The man perm?

That’s right. And it does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a perm for men. Now this isn’t an entirely new concept. Those of you who were alive in the eighties might remember footballer Kevin Keegan and his spectacular mane? But the style has been brought up to date.

Whose idea was it to bring back the man perm?

It started as a TikTok trend, with boys and men the world over posting 60-second videos of themselves entering the salon, then following the process through to the end result. And it didn’t take long before others followed suit and a new craze entered the mainstream.

How’s it different from the man perms of the eighties?

These days men are aiming for a more relaxed, tousled look, rather than tight ringlets. And instead of a full head of curls, the trendiest guys opt for short back and sides. Think the curtains of the nineties. Only permed.

How can I get this look myself?

Well, you’ll have to wait until after lockdown if you want it done professionally. If you want to prepare your hair now though, you could do worse than opting for an old skool bowl cut, which should provide the shape you’re looking for. And if you’re keen to see how it might look on you before committing to a perm, experiment with the curlers at home.

What if my hair’s too short for a bowl cut?

This is your opportunity to grow it! Seriously though, if you want to try the man perm but aren’t up for growing out your hair, a lot of men with shorter hair are going for a tighter perm. Shave the back and sides (opt for a fade if you can), then try for really tight curls on top. This one might be difficult to achieve at home, but you’ll have plenty of time to experiment!

Once I’ve got my perm, what’s the best way to keep it looking good?

You’re going to want a lot of products. Gel is your friend if you like a wet look, otherwise use a texturising clay to help separate out those curls and give a bit of definition.


Hair loss. It’s a pretty major part of a lot of men’s lives once you reach a certain age. Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones, but chances are by the time you hit your late thirties your hairline isn’t what it once was.

So what can you do about it? Do you just soldier on and hope nobody notices? Shave your head? Invest hundreds of pounds in products to try and battle it? Or do you go the whole hog and go under the knife?

The truth is that there’s no right or wrong answer. But we’re here to help and we’ve put together some handy tips on each of the above options, to help make your transition to bald – or not – as easy as possible.

Shave it off and embrace the bald

This is a popular choice and one that often comes highly recommended from those who’ve done it. The problem is that unless you go for the full skinhead look, which involves a lot of upkeep, then your hair loss will still be noticeable.

Don’t despair though! There’s a nifty little procedure you can have done that will allow you to shave your head and still look like you could grow it all back any time you choose. It’s called scalp micropigmentation, or SMP, which is like a permanent make-up treatment for your head.

Pigment is injected into your scalp at varying angles and in several different shades, to create a very realistic effect of a full head of hair, just shaved very short. You can even choose your own hairline!

If you do plump for this option, remember to invest in some decent scalp care products. And don’t skimp on the razor either.

Hair loss products and treatments

There is no shortage of products on the market that claim to prevent hair loss, but whether they all work is another story. As a general rule, if you can buy it off the shelf in your local chemist, then it’s unlikely to restore you to your former glory.

There are plenty of products and treatments out there that do work, but you will need to do some research. Your best option is to consult with a hair loss specialist, or trichologist, to discuss your options.

Laser treatments, topical treatments and hair loss ampoules can all be very effective, but whether they will work for you will depend on many factors, including the type of hair loss you are experiencing and how advanced it is.

Hair transplant

This one isn’t for the faint-hearted, as it can involve several hours on the operating table, but it is almost guaranteed to work.

In case you weren’t aware, hair transplant surgery involves harvesting hair follicles from a donor site (usually at the back of the head) and transplanting them to an area where the follicles have died off (most commonly around the temples). It can take a few months for final results to be seen, but there have been considerable advances in this treatment.

One thing to consider when planning a hair transplant though is that while it will replace the hair you have lost, it won’t do anything to prevent further hair loss, so you may need to hold onto some cash for a repeat procedure in the future.

Of course, the other option is to just accept your hair loss for what it is and carry on regardless. All we can say is, good luck! But if you’re tired of being bald and want to take back control, then pick up the phone and speak to one of our experts today on 07968 230787!

With winter looming and most areas of the country already seeing restrictions on social mixing, now could be the time to start planning your look for the next lockdown.

Too many of us got caught out last time, just a fews days off from that monthly trip to the barber, and woefully unprepared for Zoom conferences with colleagues and clients. So this time, preparation is key.

Bring back the buzz

As far as men were concerned, the isolation buzzcut was the look of the first lockdown. Sharp, slick, easy to both create and maintain, shaven heads were being touted as the next big thing by celebrities the world over.

Line of Duty actor Stephen Graham posted footage online of his son shaving his head for him, while footballer Héctor Bellerín shared his finished look with followers, captioning it: “Stay home, enjoy the sun”.

But while it might seem like the easy option, we’ve all seen enough patchy, scarred scalps to know not to get too blasé… So what can you do now to ensure that you look as good as possible in that next video meeting?

Take a trip to the barber while you still can

Let’s not beat about the bush – there’s a reason so many of us entrust our hair to these guys. They’re trained professionals, and if anyone’s going to know which grade of buzz will suit you best, it’s your barber.

Bear in mind that there’s a possibility that you might not be able to get there again for a few months, so make sure you get as many tips as you can while you’re there, so you can reproduce the look at home with minimal fuss.

If you’re married or have a live-in partner, you might even want to take them along – the ideal scenario is that someone else shaves your head for you, so you may as well prepare them too.

Make sure you have all the right tools

If you’re going to brazen it out and go for the full skin head, some men even use a disposable razor. But as a general rule, the better the razor, the better the end result. If you invest in some decent electric clippers now, you’ll be reaping the benefits in months to come.

You might also want to think about products – with winter approaching, we’re all going to be spending a lot of time in centrally heated environments, and that can play havoc with an exposed scalp. Consider splashing out on a decent scalp conditioner to avoid embarrassing flakes.

Fill in any patches

Finally, it’s worth turning a critical eye to your hair line and crown. Are there any thinning areas that might become more apparent with a shorter cut? If so, that doesn’t have to spell the end of your buzzcut dreams.

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) offers a quick and effective way to disguise hair loss, using pigment injected into the scalp to mimic the effect of real hair. The procedure actually works best with a shaved head, so if a bit of patchy hair loss is all that’s stopping you from taking the plunge, this could be the answer to your prayers.

Book it in now and you’ll be smooth and suave by the time any more big announcements are made.


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It’s all on the head

A work of art using a creative process to recreate the most realistic 3D look of micro hairs on the scalp – the best a head can get!


It’s all on the head

A work of art using a creative process to recreate the most realistic 3D look of micro hairs on the scalp – the best a head can get!