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Let’s face it, none of us is getting any younger, and for the vast majority of us this year has taken a particular toll. And with chronic stress in abundance, this can lead to signs of premature ageing.

Luckily, there’s no longer any shame attached to men taking a bit of care over their appearance. But with redundancies at an all-time high, now might not be the time to suddenly develop a £200-a-month Botox habit.

Looking younger doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. There are plenty of things you can do to help maintain a youthful appearance. So here, we look at our four top tips for men to look younger, without maxing out the credit card.

1. Up your skincare regime

Again, you don’t have to be spending hundreds of pounds on products. Just do your research and find out which brands give you the most bang for your buck. And if you haven’t been following a skincare routine up to now, then anything is better than nothing. Even moisturising your face twice a day will make a noticeable difference.

2. Get some exercise

Sounds like a no-brainer, but don’t underestimate the power of regular exercise to keep you looking and feeling younger. All those endorphins will pep you up and put a youthful spring in your step in the short term. And in the longer term you’ll be leaner, fitter and stronger.

3. Change your hairstyle

If you’re starting to feel a bit past your prime, you’d be amazed what a difference a good haircut can make. Women have been in on this secret for years. But it’s only recently that men have discovered the anti-ageing properties of a decent hair style. Find out who is the best local barber or hairdresser, and ask them to advise on the best haircut to shave a few years off.

4. Consider scalp micropigmentation

Now there’s a strong chance that many of you will have read number three and thought it didn’t apply to you, because male-pattern hair loss has already taken hold. Sadly, accelerated hair loss is another side effect of stress, so you may have noticed your hairline receding faster than ever this year.

Fortunately for you, there is a solution out there that allows you to change up your hairstyle and do something about your hair loss in one fell swoop. It’s called scalp micropigmentation, or SMP, and it’s a very clever technique that allows you to rock a buzz cut without alerting the world to your bald patches.

Similar to cosmetic tattooing, SMP involves the injection of pigment into the scalp, to mimic the effect of real hairs. You can choose to keep your head shaved for the buzz cut look (recommended if the hairline is your issue) or let it grow back and use SMP to disguise any thinning areas.

Now while SMP isn’t exactly cheap, it is a permanent solution, three treatments max and you are set. Why not phone Headstyle on 07968 230787 or book a consultation by completing our contact form.


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It’s all on the head

A work of art using a creative process to recreate the most realistic 3D look of micro hairs on the scalp – the best a head can get!


It’s all on the head

A work of art using a creative process to recreate the most realistic 3D look of micro hairs on the scalp – the best a head can get!