Thinning Hair

If you are experiencing thinning hair, you’re not alone. Statistics show that around 40% of men experience some degree of hair loss by the age of 35. Which is barely even middle aged. Depressing, eh?

Luckily though, we’ve come up with a few tips to help you thicken that thinning hair. So you can rest easy knowing you’ve put off having to seek treatment for a few more years.

1. Stop smoking

Seriously, is there anything smoking doesn’t make worse? If you hadn’t already stopped because of fears about lung damage, premature ageing or cancer, then here’s another reason. Smoking contributes to hair loss.

The chemicals inhaled whilst smoking have been shown to damage the DNA of the hair follicle, which causes inflammation and scarring. It can eventually lead to male-pattern baldness.

2. Make sure you’re eating the right foods

Hair loss isn’t always linked to nutrient deficiency. But to ensure that your hair is as healthy as possible, include iron, zinc and healthy fats in your diet.

Leafy greens, avocado, eggs, fish, nuts and seeds are all great for maintaining hair health, so pack them into your meals if you want thicker, stronger locks.

3. De-stress your life

Like smoking, stress has a lot to answer for. It affects your skin, your weight and your mental health, but can also cause hair loss.

So if there are things in your life that you know are causing you unnecessary stress, try to cut them out. And if you can’t get rid of the stressors themselves, then try to find ways to unwind. Exercise, meditation or even just regular catch ups with good friends can all be great stress reducers.

4. Wash your hair less frequently

Many of us automatically wash our hair every time we step into the shower. But we’re not giving our scalps a chance to replenish the oils our hair needs to stay healthy. Every time you shampoo, those oils get stripped from your hair, and they need at least a couple of days to build back up.

Consider conditioning your hair after shampooing too. Shampooing less and conditioning more will leave hair healthier and less prone to breaking, which can lead to hair loss.

5. Style gently

With male grooming on the rise, most of us aren’t afraid to add a bit of style to our hair. But when you do, try to go gentle. Don’t tug too hard when trying to shape it. If you blow dry it, do so on a cooler setting and hold the dryer away from the head.

You might also want to consider a different style if you’re starting to notice your hair thinning. A good barber or hairdresser should be able to offer some tips on the best style for you.

These tips are designed to help those of you with just a little thinning on top. If your hair loss is a bit more advanced, you might need to consider something more drastic, like hair loss medications, Scalp Micropigmentation or even a hair transplant. If that sounds like you, the best first step is to get in touch with a hair loss expert and work out the best option for you.


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It’s all on the head

A work of art using a creative process to recreate the most realistic 3D look of micro hairs on the scalp – the best a head can get!


It’s all on the head

A work of art using a creative process to recreate the most realistic 3D look of micro hairs on the scalp – the best a head can get!